Faultless Learning

The application is build to support the faultless learning theory. This theory is developed for people who suffer from Korsakov's Syndrome. The application was built for Amsta, who provide care for a lot of people who suffer from Korsakov's Syndrome. Caregivers of Amsta often used to print out step-by-step plans for the residents that had to learn specific tasks. The goal was to make these digital.

The solution

The application offers the ability to follow step-by-step plans (further referred to as tasks) digitally. The overview page of the application shows all available tasks. Additionally, you can add new tasks, update outdated tasks, and removed old tasks. Because the tasks are done by residents, people who suffer from Korsakov's syndrome, they feature big text, big buttons, and no clutter on the screen.

To keep the application simple, features such as adding, removing and editing are locked away. This can be turned on and off with a switch and a password. That way, the complicated features are only visible to caregivers, who are the only ones who will need to use these features.

01. Homepage layout
02. A task


There's a demo included to try out the application. This can either be done on an iPad sized screen or higher. This will not work on smartphones, as that was not supported.

In order to access the caretakers end, you'll have to fill in a passcode.

This passcode is 2018

The application is Dutch, so a translator built into your web browser might be needed in order to use the application.