We designed a beautiful minimal interface.

We've been brainstorming quite a lot to get the right touch for the students. We wanted to keep it minimalistic as possible, with the ease of use. Students had to be able to decide in three step what kind of "bedrijfspunten" assignment they wanted to do.




Lines of code


Positive Feedback by teachers

The ease of finding an assignment

Make sure the student has almost 0 work.

We tried to reduce the effort as much as possible for the students. For them it should be easy to read and easy to reach out to a teacher if they want an assignment. No hassle with papers, forms and such. Get it done right here, right now.

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Thank you for reading and watching!

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This project came to a start when me and another friend had to get our “bedrijfspunten” in order to get our degree. We did not know what was expected from us, so we started to do some research. We found out that there’s lots of ways to get a “bedrijfspunt”, but sadly it was nowhere noted down. We spoke with an innovative teacher and we decided to do this as a project for him. We done lots of brainstorm sessions before we built this project. After we finalized, we started building it. The idea was to keep it as minimalistic and easy to use. Both for students and teachers. No unnecessary logins for students, just a simple read and an email button where they could give a motivation. This is the end result.

ServicesDesign, Web DesignYear2020Linkoege.ie.hva.nl

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